MYLux Club

Membership and Rewards 

Every wine lovers can join MYLux Club for free by online registration.

MYLux Club member earns MYLux Point in many different ways through our Earning Programs.

All MYLux Points can be redeemed as cash coupon and payment amount will automatically be deducted when cash coupon is applied without any hidden terms.


Earning Programs

 1. Spending Program

Every spending will automatically convert to MYLux Points with $1 spending equals to 1 MYLux Points.

2. Referral Program

Earn 200 MYLux points for every time you refer a friend who spends over $2,500.

There are promotional earning programs from time to time, please stay close with us and do not miss any chances to earn MYLux Points.


Redeem MYLux Points

 1. $100 Discount Voucher

Every 5,000 MYLux Points can be redeemed as $100 discount voucher.

2. $250 Discount Voucher

Every 10,000 MYLux Points can be redeemed as $250 discount voucher.

All redeemed discount vouchers have NO EXPIRY DATES and valid for one time use. To use the discount voucher, simply apply the "Code" indicated in the discount voucher in the "Discount Code" box before check out. Payment amount will be automatically deducted.

No hidden terms and minimum purchase restrictions on the discount voucher, however, excess amount is non-refundable. 



MYLux Points will auto expire in 6 months, however, each purchase extends ALL MYLux Points for another 6 months. That means, MYLux Points will never expire for member who do regular purchase in our shop.

The redeemed Discount vouchers will not expire.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.